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MCS Action Preview
Week 1 - 07/08

The first week of the MOBAFire Challenger Series starts on Monday, July 8th at 6:00 PM PST. Every game from every week will be streamed on the MCS Twitch Channel. Be sure to follow the Twitch stream, Twitter, or Facebook to keep track of what team is playing, results, and content from your favorite challenger teams.

The following is the schedule, casters for each game, and the featured matchups for week one.

July 8th - Day 1


New World Eclipse (0-0) VS Curse Academy (0-0) // 6:00 PM PST

Casters: FourCourtJester and Rapid

The featured matchup of day one kicks off MCS play. The thing to watch in this match is how Curse Academy will respond to their sub-optimal performance at MLG Anaheim where FXOpen took them out in the semi-finals. There were even rumors that IWillDominate was going to retire from professional League of Legends which left a lot of concern about the future of Curse Academy. Thankfully the team is staying intact and will still be considered a favorite of the MCS.

Curse Academy is a team filled with well-known players that are either too young to be in the LCS (Pobelter) or unable to participate in LCS (IWillDominate). In other words, they are an incredibly talented team that would be able to compete at the highest levels.

At MLG Anaheim they focused on late game team compositions involving Vayne and Nasus and look for them to do the same thing in the MCS.

New World Eclipse is picking up where Azure Cats left off. The manager of the Azure Cats, Aries, handpicked the New World Eclipse squad. Shaosters was the mid laner for Azure Gaming - which featured Bloodwater - now in the LCS playing for Vulcun - in the Spring LCS qualifier. Aries said that Shaosters has the potential to be a great player with the right training; he has one of the highest MMRs in solo queue. JDWU was on the Dirtnap Gaming team that was in the live qualifier for the LCS Spring Split before a stint on FXOpen and now New World Eclipse. JDWU is a vocal and insightful jungler that can call the shots for the team. The top laner, Quas, got to the top of the solo queue ladder as a mid player but transitioned very well to top lane and has the potential to be the best top laner in North America. After Otter left the team due to commitment problems, Aries brought in Virus; a very motivated player. The support, Huang, is said to be improving rapidly and will only help grow the team.

New World Eclipse manager, Aries, had the following to say about the talent of his team: "I've worked and handpicked really talented players to work with on Azure. I've worked with bigfatlp, Bloodwater, Sycho Sid, Demunlul, Cruzerthebruzer, Yazuki, and Nientonsoh and I believe the current NWE roster is just as talented as those players." He also said the following about the matchup with Curse: "For the match against Curse Academy, it's really 50-50. We've scrimmed CA before and all the match sets were pretty close. Since the match is best out of 1, it will depend on how well the teams prepare, as well as not making any game changing mistakes. I think the game will be close, but we will come ahead on top."

Other games on July 8, 2013
*All times are PST

6:45Team Tower Divevs.Gold Gaming LARAPiD and FourCourtJester
7:30Team Tempestvs.Wazabi GamingStudio and FourCourtJester
8:15compLexity Academyvs.Exertus ZealStudio and FourCourtJester
9:00Denial eSportsvs.Reality Check GamingStudio and FourCourtJester

July 9th - Day 2


FXOpen (0-0) VS compLexity (0-0) // 6:00 PM PST

Casters: EGADorFeed and RAPiD

This week one matchup is a rematch of the MLG Spring Championship finals where FXOpen bested compLexity. Surely, compLexity will be out for revenge.

FXOpen showed just how strong they are at MLG with wins over Curse Academy and compLexity. The most recognizable face on the team is Westrice, known for his amazing play with assassins. He showcased his strength with Akali and Rengar during MLG. The mid laner, Arthelon, is well-known in the competitive scene and can play against the best of them. The ADC/Support duo of ROBERTxLEE and NydusHerMain looked really strong with Ezreal and Janna in-game 2 against compLexity. The jungler, HeavenTime, seems to favor aggressive junglers that can dive which is a really good fit with the champion pool of Westrice and Arthelon.

compLexity recently made changes to the roster, bringing in MegaZero for top lane and Chuuper replacing Brunch U as ADC. The team seems to revolve around the pressure Lautemortis puts on each lane. Lately he's ran Nautilus and Jarvan IV both with very strong ganks and presence. Pr0lly in the middle lane is a bit of an innovator with his champion picks; in Spring LCS he ran Annie and Ziggs to great effect. Chuuper (ADC) and M eye A (support) probably need a bit more time to gain lane synergy but the duo is very strong and will be able to handle any lane thrown at them in the MCS. The recent addition of MegaZero, aka MegaHero, is a huge boon for the team. MegaZero excels when he plays carry top laners and will probably have a leg up skill wise on a lot of the MCS competition.


The lane match-up to watch in this game will be Westrice versus MegaZero. Both players are known for snowballing games if they can get off to a quick start, so it will be imperative that both teams keep the top lane even or in their favor. CompLexity did a good job of shutting down Westrice on Elise in the first game of the championships but were unable to handle him on Akali and Rengar. On the other hand, FXOpen never let MegaZero get out of control whether he was playing Kennen or Kha'Zix. Will MegaZero have a better showing or will Westrice continue to reign the top lane against him?

Other games on July 9th, 2013
*All times are PST

6:45Team Summonvs.Aware GamingEGADorFeed and RAPiD
7:30Team Tower Divevs.Wazabi GamingEGADorFeed and RAPiD
8:15Reality Check Gamingvs.Curse AcademyEGADorFeed and RAPiD

July 10th - Day 3


Denial eSports (0-0) VS Aware Gaming(0-0) // 8:15 PM PST

Casters: Studio and LunetTheHerald

This is a matchup between two teams that have been in both LCS qualifiers and haven't pushed through quite yet. Denial, used to be known as 1 Trick Ponies, is consistently at the top of the Challenger competitions. Recently they placed first in National Pro Series Season VI and Wellplayed Cup. The team is led by the popular mid laner, NubbyPoohBear, who is fond of champion staples such as Ryze and Twisted Fate. ScubaChris, also a sub for Vulcun, plays a lot of Lee Sin in solo queue but in team matches has played a good bit of Elise, Jarvan IV, and Nautilus. He played Sejuani in the Wellplayed Cup but since she was tuned back we probably won't see him bring her out in MCS.

Angel Vigil, manager of Denial eSports, said the following about the matchup with Aware: "We scrim Aware (formerly The Salad Bar) a lot, and have a lot of respect for that team. With that said, we are still confident going into this match. We have been practicing a lot recently, and feel good going into any match this first MCS"

The normal game Fun Police, Aware Gaming, will come out firing under their new name. The team just got back from MLG Spring Championships where they took 3rd/4th to which the team said, "We can definitely improve and reach the top next time." The team is known for their huge champion pools; don't be shocked if you see a Syndra or Annie from EHomda in the mid lane. The team also added this gem: "Practice is to reach perfection so we don’t practice because we’re already there." Bold words from the Fun Police, we'll see how that works out for them.

As for the match against Denial, you'll definitely want to keep the focus on the mid lane. Nubbypoohbear and EHomda are the face of their teams and usually the ones that will carry the games. Aware can target Nubby with bans but it will be difficult for Denial to do the same to EHomda; the guy will play anything in the mid lane. The picks and bans stage will definitely be exciting in this game.

Other games on July 10th, 2013
*All times are PST

6:00compLexity Academyvs.Gold Gaming LAStudio and EGADorFeed
6:45Team Tempestvs.New World EclipseStudio and EGADorFeed
7:30FXOpenvs.Exertus ZealStudio and LunetTheHerald
9:00Team Summonvs.compLexityStudio and RAPiD